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It started on a beach in Mexico…

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Love at first sight…

We met on a beach in Mexico, in a small town on the Pacific coast, really it was love at first sight, and a year later we got married on the same beach about 100 metres from where we first met.  

Tracey is a proud Kiwi and hails from, Porangahau, New Zealand. She began travelling at a young age and has lived and worked in many countries all over the world including Mexico and India.

Tonie is from Brabant in the Netherlands and is a master craftsman.

Having spent our lives travelling the
world, now the world comes to us.



In Numbers

Fun Facts about Tracey & Tonie and Kasa Koru

The number of languages Tracey & Tonie can speak

The number of countries they have lived in

the number of nationalities that have stayed at Kasa Koru

The number of litres of mountain water it takes to fill the swimming pool


Why we started Kasa Koru

We were hearing so many good things about Portugal – that it was a great option for people who were used to living in fairly alternative countries, that it was authentic and secure, and whilst in Europe, it has a very Latin vibe, so we decided to check it out. We were blown away by its beauty, in both the landscape and the people.

We drove 4000 kms over a two month period and had almost given up our search when we spotted what is now Kasa Koru. We fell in love with how lush the area was, even during the hottest periods (especially important for gardener, Tracey!). 

We were warmly welcomed to this community and we love it here and are compelled to share our sanctuary with the world. 


The special thing about Kasa Koru is that you can do absolutely nothing while here, and still come away with having had the experience of a life time! 

Tracey & Tonie

Your hosts at Kasa Koru

Our Core Values


We value beauty, in the surrounding countryside, in the considered decoration of the house, and the gardens of Kasa Koru. We wish to share this beauty with the world. We encourage our guests to enjoy everything you perceive with your senses, that makes you feel an inexplicable surge of happiness.


We thrive on connection, with our guests, and the community that we are a part of. We also understand the value of your family or friends getting the time to connect with each other, and we have kept this in mind when designing the spaces at Kasa Koru.


Much of the furniture that features in Kasa Koru has been handcrafted by your host, Tonie. Our creativity is also reflected through the collection of items, from all over the globe, displayed in each room of Kasa Koru.


We continuously strive for excellence and always ensure that your stay surpasses your expectations. We take the needs and desires of our guests seriously.


We live in the present moment and enjoy every second of everyday, we are truly grateful for all that we have and find contentment in being able to share that with our guests. We believe that we have truly found our purpose in life and emulate this through Kasa Koru as a whole.


Everything we do is driven by our passion to create a haven for our guests that caters to their every need and desire. We believe that our passion is evident through the highstandards we maintain throughout Kasa Koru.

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